Heatwave Warning Issued for Cameroon’s Western Region

Heatwave Warning Issued for Cameroon’s Western Region

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Meteorological forecasts from the local services of the Ministry of Transport, which oversees the national meteorological direction, predict a heatwave in the West region between May and July 2024. Rainfall is expected to range “from normal to deficient, with seasonal totals projected to be between 80 and 75% compared to normal.”

According to ministry forecasters, this situation will disrupt agricultural and livestock activities in this part of the country. It’s worth noting that in addition to being a fertile ground for subsistence agriculture, the West region of Cameroon officially accounts for about 80% of the national poultry sector.

The forecast, however, is not unique to this part of Cameroon alone. According to many experts, the heatwave stems from climate disruptions experienced worldwide in recent years.

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