South Africa and Nigeria Good Markets for U.S. Wheat

South Africa and Nigeria Good Markets for U.S. Wheat

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U.S. Wheat Associates Vice President of Communications, Steve Mercer says they are currently working to promote us wheat to South Africa and Nigeria.

“Russia and Ukraine are selling their wheat at below production costs. I’ve suspected this and we’ve suspected that for a long time, but men of course they are trying to fund the war. But it matters because a market like Nigeria is one where we have had a strong market share for many, many years. And that’s changing today. And one of the reasons that this team of us Wheat Board members, including hardwood winter farmers from Kansas and Oklahoma visited there is so that they can see the result of that situation.”

United States continues to export wheat to buyers in South Africa and Nigeria. “

“We’re seeing growth in consumption we’re seeing better opportunity. They’re still a very poor country, but they have a they have a strong milling and baking industry there. In fact, PepsiCo just purchased a large milling and baking company there that we’ve begun to work with and so these trips are a good opportunity for our board members to visit those markets.”

Steve Mercer, U.S. Wheat Associates.

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