EU report highlights impact of agricultural agreement with Morocco

EU report highlights impact of agricultural agreement with Morocco

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In its 2023 report, the European Union underscored the socio-economic benefits of the agricultural agreement with Morocco, particularly for the nation’s southern provinces. The report, a collaborative effort between the European Commission and the European External Action Service (EEAS), noted a significant increase in exports from these provinces to the EU, from around 100,000 tons prior to the agreement to 203,000 tons in 2022.

This publication follows a ruling by the Advocate General at the European Court of Justice, which dismissed the “Polisario” claims and endorsed the agricultural agreement’s validity between Rabat and Brussels.

The agreement, an amendment to Protocols 1 and 4 of the Morocco-EU Association Agreement effective from July 19, 2019, has consistently received positive evaluations for its impact on Morocco’s southern provinces.

The report also highlights the partnership’s quality between Morocco and the EU, emphasizing the effective implementation of the Agricultural Agreement facilitated by robust dialogue and information exchange mechanisms. Additionally, it counters allegations made by Algeria and separatist entities challenging the legality of the Morocco-EU Agreements for the fifth consecutive year.


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