Morocco and Israel Forge Agricultural and Water Cooperation Deal

Morocco and Israel Forge Agricultural and Water Cooperation Deal

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Rabat – Morocco’s Minister of Agriculture Mohamed Sadiki signed a new deal of cooperation with his Israeli counterparts on Thursday.

The agreement sets the stage for robust cooperation in the fields of agriculture and water resource management between the two nations, Israeli news outlet i24 News reports.

One of the expected outcomes of the agreement is the establishment of a center for agricultural studies. The institution is expected to serve as a hub for knowledge exchange and innovation in farming techniques, benefiting both nations.

In addition, the Moroccan and Israeli agriculture teams are poised to launch a technological agricultural aquaculture field project. The initiative holds the potential to address agricultural challenges and enhance food production methods.

Prior to signing the agreement, government officials from both countries engaged in extensive bilateral discussions. The talks primarily revolved around exploring avenues to bolster cooperation in the agriculture and sea fishing sectors.

The collaboration seeks to tap into each nation’s unique expertise to tackle shared challenges in the agricultural domain.

Avi Dishtir, the Israeli Minister of Agriculture, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating: “Morocco and Israel are taking important steps in the field of strengthening the partnership between them so that this agreement is only the beginning.”

He further affirmed that the years ahead will witness intensified cooperation in terms of ensuring food security for both nations.

The accord coincides with the second annual Health in Africa conference, a gathering focused on reducing health risks being held in Marrakesh.

Key themes of the conference include water management, environmental conservation, and food security.

The event is scheduled to continue for three more days, bringing together researchers and experts from around the world to collaborate and seek solutions to pressing global challenges.